As long as a website designer keeps his target audience and purpose of business in mind, the odds are that he will create a website that is in sync with owner’s business goals and that offers easy site navigation to customers.

The importance of an effective website design must be realized for any person to attain success online. A nicely designed and easily navigable website not only captures the attention of a web visitor but also turns him or her into a loyal customer. There are a number of factors that must be present in a web design to persuade a web surfer not to scrap your website and move on to another one.

Site navigation is the basic structure over which your company’s website is built. If this structure is not elaborate and well-defined, random users are likely to get caught up in confusion and chaos when they try to enter your company’s website and most probably will run off to some other website. Surveys suggest that an average net surfer does not stay on a site unless he gets what he wants within 3 mouse clicks. That’s a tough call but as long as your website is well structured and delivers the required information easily you can achieve success.

Here are some important factors that will make your site easily navigable by users:

Add ‘Consistency’ to Web Design Elements

Keeping the same color combos, fonts and style of different page elements and navigation bars is of paramount importance or else your visitors will find themselves lost. If the style and colors of one page on your site differ substantially from another, most visitors will not look at it favorably and would prefer a simpler and more elaborate website.

Make Navigation Simple

If your website uses a navigation style that lacks simplicity and convenience, your visitors will fail to get the required information and will lose their interest in your site. Therefore, making site browsing easy should be your primary concern. It will make your visitors stay longer on your site comparatively.

Prefer Conventional Over Complex

Some web designers have the tendency of over complicating matters which can be the worst thing that can happen for your business. Using conventional navigation structure for your website is a simpler and more effective option than opting for any fancy techniques which would be new to most visitors. In the end it is all about guiding your web users to loads of high quality content on your website to turn them into loyal customers.

Less is More

Usually an average website offers at most two different paths to users to reach a specific web page. However, putting up too many navigation icons and offering way too many navigation paths can end up confusing your visitors.

Always Highlight the ‘Contact Us’ Button

The ‘Contact Us’ section of your website is way too much important to hide it behind other less important pages. Visitors would feel the need to see your contact page to ask questions, file orders and give feedback so it is always advised to create an elaborate and easy-to-reach ‘Contact Us’ page.

Elaborate Buttons Are Essential

The ‘Back’ button always prevents your website visitors from getting lost as they can always use it to return to the page they began from. Similarly, creating a site map button at your home page to guide new users can also do the trick for you. Finally, a call-to-action button or ‘Order Now’ button should also be placed conveniently for potentially customers so that they do not have to search for it to file an order.

Pay Attention to Your Site’s Colors

You need to think aesthetically to come up with a good color combination for your website. However, the colors you use must also be in harmony with the rest of your website design. For instance, using bright background colors when your site’s text color is white is certainly not a great idea. Once you get your colors right visitors will find it hard to move away from your site.

These tips can really help you improving your site navigation and can make your visitors stay longer on your site after finding it a user friendly place with no complication at all. 

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