Below is a simple kind of a feedback form. There is also exist complicated feedback form, like a Profile-based questionnaire. For example, the form of employment that can contain the fields: name, sex, date of birth, address, education, work experience, special skills and other additional information. User fills in all the fields and click on the “submit” button and the data sends to the e-mail address of the website owner.

No matter what kind of website you have, there should be your email-address. Of course, it’s better to put a link with the address and by clicking on it, the customer can go directly to the writing of the letter in his mail program. It also happens that for some reason a visitor is unable to use his email client program, but he needs to feedback the owner of the site right now. For example, a person came from another computer or password is forgotten, in this case, he is not able to send a message. It’s not a problem to lose a single client, but if there more than one person. You need to have a contact form for such cases.

Attention: Spam is Here

One more important benefit of the feedback form is the the ability to hide your email address from spammers. Today spam become a great issue that In today’s world of spam causes all to keep an e-mail carefully. If the e-mail spammers would find the email address then you’d get a tons of unneeded correspondence, therefore soon you’ll not be able to find a really necessary message.

When you are using the feedback/contact form, there is no such an issue. You need to fill out a form in order to send a message. Captcha or other similar systems can save you from spam-letters. Feedback form will allow you to get rid of unwanted messages. In order to create a feedback form on your website, you can download a ready script.

Friendly Welcome Feedback Form

A feedback form or conversation form on the website engage users. It should be the primary contact option for the users. It should be handled with care and patience. First, think about your target audience and try your best to design the feedback form accordingly.

Craxy Pixels

Good example of an easy and simple contact form.

A contact form on the website is a sign that you are taking care about your users, trying to make the communication better and easier. Web form is the best way to get in touch with the site owner. If you create a feedback form, users wouldn’t not wasting their time on finding available email address, opening email client or structuring the message. A feedback form makes everything clear, elegant and simple. Such kind of forms shows off a person what information he need to mention. It takes a split second (sure, a little more) to fill out all the needed fields.

Keep It Simple

Before creating a feedback form, put yourself in user’s shoes: what can be better than simple, friendly and secure contact form? Sure, just simple, friendly and secure contact form.

Extremly Easy to Get

It’s the matter of challenge for a designer, but still “Contact Me” button should be extremely easy to get. Try to add a link to your feedback form everywhere if it possible. Be enthusiastic about receiving messages, feedback, suggestions and questions; it’s the key to make the users enthusiastic back. When it comes to the label placement, they can be placed above or besides the fields. Normally, they should be placed on top of the fields.

Showcase of the Awesome Contact Form Designs

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31. Wwmpm

As a Conclusion
Let’s go straight to the point. Contact form, as usual is the most personal website page. So, create a form that would be essential. It’s a bridge between users and website. Dependence on your website subject, add a few fields to the website. Remain just the most needed ones like a name, an email address and a field for leaving a message.

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