Choosing a website is like woman choosing a diamond, and so does when it comes to colors, we’d want them to be The Best and not only the Best for us but also for other peoples who will visits your website. Choosing colors is one of a major part and time consuming especially when there are great choices of Beautiful and Nice colors which comes in different varieties and need it to be blend with the site itself. And in this time Inspiring Design Templates, we’ll help you presents some of templates with Subtle or pastel colors where people used to say colors that is Easy on the Eyes from none other than one of the biggest marketplace Themeforest !

1. Cup Cakery

2. Cute & Sweet

3. Kids Toys

4. Chocolate Coffee

5. Mommy Blog

6. Oceanic

7. Shopcart

8. Medica

9. Shoppica

10. Child Care

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