Getting started with your online business is anything but a pushover as you have to look after so many things especially your website design. An attractive and functional website design is the key to your success in the online arena and the advent of free website builder tools, things have certainly become easier.
Here are 5 tips on how you can create a decent website design at an affordable price:

1. Templates – The Cornerstone of a Cheap & Reliable Web Design

Most people often have a hard time finding a good starting point to design their website. Enter free templates. A template or theme offers a readymade design with all of its elements in place waiting for you to fill in personal information in given spaces. The good news is that there are literally tens of thousands of templates available on the internet, some for a price and most for free., and offer up an easy opportunity to users to pick up attractive templates for their websites.

2. Hire a Freelance Web Designer

Wait till you read this out because this section is certainly not about highly skilled professional web designers who can make you bankrupt overnight. Users with limited budget can choose to hunt down talented freelance coders and web designers who often advertise their services on forums and freelance sites. Websites such as,, and are ideally suited to help you get in touch with a freelancer who can help set up a website for you at an affordable price.

3. Use Free Blogging Platforms Online

Popular blogging platforms have given a free gateway to online users to create their own online space for both personal and professional purposes. Platforms such as WordPress and Blogger allow you to starting blogging instantly for free, while you can also use these platforms to get your websites.

4. CPanel Applications

Many users also prefer using the cPanel Application which is available at to create a unique website. is the same website that is also used to buy domain names. Once you pick a domain name for your website, all you have to do is to login to your cPanel account and go through simple WordPress installation to set up a fully working website that can help you pursue your business ambitions.

5. Online Website Builders

The monopoly of professional web designers on creating high-profile and attractive websites has ceased to exist thanks to online website builder tools that have empowered ordinary men and women to create websites without requiring any technical expertise. Most of the online website creation tools feature drag-and-drop interface in which users work with different elements and customization options on existing templates. is a wonderful example of how credible online website builder tools have facilitated and eased up the process of creating a website. You can always resort to some online reviews to determine the suitability of different tools for your project. There are so many of them that you’ll have a hard time deciding on any one.


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