The London Olympic Games 2012 is still On, and we don’t want to miss the chance by looking back trough the mascot through out the years. Some will win our hearts and tempting enough to make you buy the dolls, toys or other souvenirs and some looks weird enough to make us wonder what that is? but overall, they are represents each of the Game we’ve been enjoying watching from TV or see them live on spot if you’re lucky enough to get to the location as it’s happen to be nearby from where you at. Enjoy while it still last.

1972 Munich — Waldi, the Dachshund
Munich, 1972: Dachshund Fritz (centre) was the original live model for ‘Waldi’ the mascot, displayed here in both wood and felt.

1976 Montreal 

– Amik the beaver
Montreal, 1976: The beaver which went by the name Amik, and was taken from the Algonquian language (the most popular language among Aboriginal people in Canada.) ‘Amik’ means beaver.

1980 Moscow — Misha the Bear
Moscow, 1980: ‘Mischa’ the bear. Ohh, Bears are always looks cute indeed.

1984 Los Angeles — Sam The Eagle
Los Angeles, 1984: Sam the Eagle during the opening ceremony. Designed by Walt Disney, this magnificent bird of prey wears the dress of the legendary American Uncle Sam.

1988 Seoul — Hodori the Tiger

Seoul, 1988: Hodori the tiger. The name ‘Ho’ is derived from the Korean word for ‘tiger’, and ‘Dori’ is a diminutive for boys in Korea.

1992 Barcelona — Cobi the Dog

Barcelona, 1992: ‘Cobi’ the dog was created by the Valencian artist Javier Mariscal.

1996 Atlanta — Izzy, the…

Atlanta, 1996: Izzy was the first mascot designed by computer. It was an amorphous abstract fantasy figure, apparently. It carried the name Izzy, derived from ‘What is it?’ because no one seemed to know exactly what Izzy really was.

2000 Sydney — Olly, a kookaburra, Syd, a platypus and Millie, an echidna

Sydney, 2000: Three native Australian animals Syd (Sydney) the platypus, Millie (Millennium) the echidna and Olly (Olympic) the kookaburra, who this time isn’t sitting in an old wood tree.

2004 Athens — Athena and Phevos, two dolls from an ancient archeological site in Greece

Athens, 2004: Phevos and Athena pose next to the edifice marking the starting point of the Olympic marathon. Greek mythology had it that Phevos and Athena are brother and sister, named after two Greek gods: Phevos, the god of light and music, and Athena, goddess of wisdom and patron of the city of Athens.

2008 Beijing — The Fuwa, “Good luck dolls” Beibei, Jingjing, Huanhuan, Yingying, and Nini

Beijing, 2008: ‘Fuwa’ mascots. From left to right: the fish, the panda, the Olympic flame, the Tibetan antelope and the swallow.

2012 London — Wenlock and Mandeville, two… we don’t know, one thing for sure they had “an” eye

London, 2012: Olympic mascot Wenlock, left, and Mandeville, the Paralympic mascot, strike an Usain Bolt-esque pose. The pair are said to have been created from the last drops of steel left over from the construction of the final support girder for the Olympic Stadium.

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