There’s nothing that can’t be improved, so if you have known how to cut an object from the picture already, let me tell you one more easy way to do it. I’ve been doing the design for a long time, but this method I’ve learned a couple days ago and decided to share it with you at once. This tutorial will be perfect for the photographers as well for one simple reason. Often a photographer take a picture of a model in the studio or the other indoor in order to change the background, move the model’s silhouette to the landscape background or somewhere else.

Let’s find a picture with a girl or other object you like and the smooth background. As a sample, I’ve found a nice girl right here: Lingerie

Note: I often work with the similar photographs, as they are perfect fit to different collages, Photo manipulations, pictures with overlaid text and beyond.

Final Result

Step 1

Open the picture with a girl in Photoshop.

Step 2

In order to select a background, use the function Select>Color Range.
Click with the Eyedropper Tool on the window, that has appeared.
As you can see the needed part of the background was selected.

Step 3

The fact is that lights and shadows on the background make it not absolutely smooth.
For a complete selection, you need to go through the not selected parts of the background.
Don’t forget to change the Fuzziness, it is a necessary option so that the selection was more accurate.

Step 4

Then, we should make the selection sleeker, let’s follow the next steps:

Select > Modify > Expand > 1px

Select > Modify > Feather >1px

Step 5

Invert the final selection Select > Invert (Ctrl + I).
Now create a layer mask (Add Layer Mask) on the selected background, as a result, you’ll get the girl without the background.

It’s better to use a mask, because the background color can pretty fits to the skin color or clothing.
If it happens, you can fix the issue with the Brush Tool (or erase the unnecessary parts without fear).

Step 6

One more important moment to remember. As usual, after such kind of the manipulations, model’s hair can not completely get rid of the background, I mean, the glow on the hair or something like that.
In order to get rid of it, you need to create a new layer above the girl layer.
Then change the blending mode to the Color, and pressing Alt button, click between the layers.
Take the brush with maximum softness. Pressing Alt button, choose the color similar to the girl’s hair and go through the unnecessary parts.

Step 7

We’re done. Now you can put the image with the girl on any background you want and make different manipulations with it. That’s what I get at the end (I’ve used Magazine Cover Templates and Beach):

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