VicTheme is one of Drupal Theme club that is strive to provide Premium Drupal Theme with their own base theme using Drupal platform, and VTSupermenu is own of their creation to give users a different experience with more choice but easy to customize using advance features. Here’s the key point on what this VT Supermenu has to offer :

VT Supermenu

VT Supermenu is a specialized premium Drupal 7 module made by website. The module has the possibility to transform the blocks created by Drupal core menu modules or main menu core system modules from the standard format into a few different amazing menu formats like Lavalamp format, MegaMenu format, Ipad Drilldown format with flyout options and Vertical Accordion format. So your abilities to create something unusual are more than enough.

Also you can add the icons to the menu items simply by just integrating VT Menu icon module, which you’ll get bundled with the main module.


You can check the abilities of the module out by visiting its Demo Page.

MegaMenu Formatter

VT Supermenu is able to transform the menu into a lot of different kind of formats, but I’d like to draw your attention to the most advanced formats it’s capable to do, such as MegaMenus format.

One question may arise at once: why it’s better than the Megamenu modules, which are available for free within The answer is quite simple; the free Drupal modules are not capable to do this.

1. Embedding Drupal Blocks by Click and Point without Coding.

On the Drupal block configuration page you’ll find Menu block, you just need to click and drag or drag and drop, whatever you feel is more convenience, and any kind of Drupal block will be embedded inside the dropdown Megamenu.


2. Auto Dropdown Centering with jQuery

Say “No!” to CSS coding for each of the dropdown position in order to make it looks normal. The inhouse Megamenu jQuery plugin will help you to auto center the dropdown menu against the header and  page width for both vertical and horizontal Megamenu automagically.

3. Menu Inside the Menu

Before perhaps you’ve thought that a Suckerfish inside the Megamenu is a myth or fantasy, but today with VT Supermenu it becomes reality. If you do embed the menu with a suckerfish the Megamenu will accept it as a block.

4. Column Grid

The Megamenu supports a column grid system. You don’t need to code something in order to use it. Just select the size of column from the GUI and that’s about it.

5. The GEEKs will be Satisfy as Well

If you think that module is for Graphical User Interface (GUI) lovers only, you’re wrong. This module provides a lot of CSS ID and Classes for you. So, you have the opportunity to create any kind of menu combinations you want, if you are savvy with CSS.

Still not advanced enough? The module will provide you with special tpl files for each menu item scope that you can only imagine, in addition every tpl’s has themes_hook_suggestions for each blocks and deltas.

6. Multiple Blocks

You can have unlimited Megamenus blocks on one page, thanks to Megamenu formatter plus VT Supermenu. The build-in jQuery plugin and CSS system support multiple blocks within the same page.

7. Vertical and Horizontal Menu?

The default themes support not only horizontal and vertical kinds of menu, but much more. You are able to create the Megamenu from Top to Bottom or from Bottom to Top and from Left to Right or Right to Left. The choice is yours.


If you’re interested in the product, don’t hesitate and Get your Supermenu here.

8. The Module is Still in Development

The module is still in active development process to have more improvements. The current version is being tested. It will have new formatter, new skins, new js improvements inside, make sure you keep up to date.

As a conclusion, I’d like to say that if you want to keep on doing your business well, you need to be one step forward from your competitors. So, don’t be afraid to use modern technologies and make your website modern, functional and stylish.


Enjoy blogging, love everything about Designs, and a WordPress Evangelist.

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