Simplicity for Drupal from VicTheme is a clean and dynamic theme with responsive design that is completely customizable. After an easy instillation, changing the themes default settings are simple. Here are a few highlights that make Simplicity stick out from other Drupal Themes:

*    The ability to alter the colors of the site in every aspect with 1140 CSS Grid system makes it flexible enough for any web designer. If you’re not completely ready to jump into the color pallet there are 5 preset color combinations.

*    Another thing that really stands out is the smooth and light weight Victheme AJAX Slider. It’s loaded up with some high quality default images and adding your own custom content to the slider is a cinch! You can easily use varying styles and effects with the slider to make your top content stand out.

*    When moving from page to page the Simplicity Theme includes crisp Jquery menus. This gives the site an overall professional feel while also not making it feel too commercial.

Editing the features of this theme design are no problem at all with a slick horizontal quick-tab layout.

This theme is optimal for content heavy web sites with web masters that want to be able to update the content and the theme settings quickly. Once logged in as the administrator anything can be reached in a few clicks and drag & drop for easy management.

Maintaining a web site has never been so easy! All the tabs are appropriately labeled and divided so that there is no confusion.  This layout of the advanced settings makes it simple to switch from one feature to another. Here’s the Demo Page.

The Plugin manager allows you to enable or disable the themes features such as the Horizontal Login bar, the Copyright Notice area, and the Typography settings to name a few. Fully customizable block settings are an added bonus with this theme which gives you the ability to fine tune the most commonly used blocks. Another feature that really puts this premium

Drupal theme above the others is the ability to easily alter the meta data and title details. For those concerned with SEO optimization this  is one of the most powerful utilities. Even the smallest details were covered by including a pages tab.

This tab allows the administrator to tweak content and settings for interactive pages, such as log in, registration, user information retrieval and the contact page, all in one section. A typography setting gives the web master the power to define font attributes for the site all on one page.

The drag and drop region manager makes moving content around the pages hassle free. All of the areas and elements are clearly labeled which make finding and relocating anything effortless.

The final tabs give the administrator the ability to enable or disable several of the themes default settings such as logos, slogans, user pictures, default icons, etc.

Over all any web author would be relieved to have all of the tools to maintain his or her website in one of the Drupal platform. Possibly a best Drupal theme candidate, Simplicity delivers what you’re looking for, so don’t miss the chance and Get your Simplicity Theme now.


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