It’s time for easy tutorial in Photoshop. If you follow the updates in our blog, you already know how to create logos and beautiful photo manipulation in Photoshop.

Today we’ll learn how to Design an Impressive Print for Summer T-shirt in Adobe Photoshop.

All friends will be surprised with it. It’s not the beginner Photoshop tutorial, but still, even if you just start to learn this program, be sure, you’ll be able to design this print.

Here what you’ll get at the end of the tutorial:


Step 1

Create the new document with the size 3500*4500.
We need pretty big size to place this picture on the T-shirt.

Step 2

You can take the photo you like, we use this picture in the tutorial.
Save it and open in the Photoshop.

Create a new layer in Photoshop (Ctrl+Shift+N) with the size of 2500 × 2500 pixels.
Apply a Greyscale Mode and after creating the document, paste a photo of the girl in it.


Step 3

We need to turn the girl’s hair in the brush, I mean, you need to darken them.
Take the Burn Tool, set it on Mildtones, and begin to paint the hair, using the soft (0%) brush.
If the girl’s hair is black, this step is not necessary. But the model’s hair should be dark.

Step 4

Now take the Eraser Tool and erase all the unnecessary parts, leave just the head and neck of the girl.
Here’s the result:

Step 5

We need to add more style to the picture.
Let’s start with the contrasts, push Ctrl + L in order to open the levels of black and white arrows.
Change settings, as shown below:

Step 6

Our goal is to create a kind of goddess blindfolded. So, we need to create a black bandage.
In order to create it, you can use Pen Tool or even copy the bandage from the other picture, use the settings you used to use.
Don’t worry, if the bandage will be not realistic, it’ll be covered with the other brushes in the next steps.

Step 7

You can improve the facial features by going to Filter> Sharpen> Sharpen to a layer with the girl.
To complete our custom brush, increase the contrast once again.
At this time, use the level control layer Layer> New Adjustment layers> Levels and move the arrows.
As it shown below:

Step 8

The brush is ready, in order to keep it, go to Edit> Define Brush and name as you like.
Why can’t you click on the “define brush preset”? because we have an adjustment layer in the layers window.
Let’s click on the layer with the girl and repeat the same process (Edit> Define brush preset).
This time, it should work.

Step 9

Now come back to the main Photoshop document.
Create a new layer (Ctrl+Shift+N) and use the brush that we just created.

Step 10            

As our goal is replacing the girl’s hair using the brushes, we will use a set of brushes called Floral Emergencies, you can download them here.
The brushes are paid, but you can download just one sample for free, it will be enough for the tutorial.
Create a new layer, select the brush and click over the canvas.

Step 11

Stay on the layer with a brush, press Ctrl+T to apply free transformation.
Then move the brush, change the size and rotate it to place it on the girl’s hair, whichever you prefer.


Step 12

Take the Eraser Tool and erase the parts of the brush, which are covering the girl’s face.

Step 13

In order to add more details to the picture, use the other brushes from the Photoshop and make the image complete. This is what I got as the result:

Step 14

Choose a girl with a layer of spray brush, push Alt + Ctrl + E in order to merge selected layers into a new layer (now we can hide the group, the layers merged and work only with the last layer).

The following effects will affect just in the area of abstract girl’s hair.
Create a new group, where we put the effects of colors.
Ctrl-click on the layer with a girl (the layer that contains the face and spray combined together), and add a layer mask as shown below:

Step 15

At this moment within a group you can create the new layers and paint them with colored tassels.
Here, we used two sets of the brushes: Dry Paint Strokes Brushes Vol1 and Watercolor brushes Vol1.
The brushes are paid, same as the previous one, but it’ll be enough to use the free version and below is the result I got:


Step 16

Black & White version is complete, Yes! and We can go ahead and add a few colors in the image.
Create another group, call it “colors” and use the same mask brush (Step 14).
Set the blend mode for the group overlay.
Now create a layer within the group, set the color red, take about 1000-1500 pixels and soft (0%), round brush (Click on the image for more detail).

Create more layers and use a variety of colors like orange and yellow, to give the style to the picture.

Step 17

The design is ready!
Hide the white background and save it in format PNG.
Now place the picture on the layout of the T-shirts.
T-shirt can be downloaded here.

Step 18

Now let’s add some text effect to the T-shirt.
For example, “I’ll find Wdremix Even if I Blindfolded” and place it on the final image.
To create a text we will take the font VAL, you can download it here.

Step 19

Create a new layer (Ctrl+Shift+N).
Create the mask in the form of text in the new layer, apply the Overlay Mode to it.
Using the same colors we’ve used, create the same effect as we did earlier in order to make the picture looks organic.

We’re done. Here’s what I got at the end:

Hope you like the tutorial and Good luck! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask me in the comments below.



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