We are back again sorting out some of the Coolest packaging out there that are worth for inspiration to have a Beautiful, Creative, Unique and Fun packaging.

Shoelace Box

Creative shoebox designed for Görtz 17’s Converse Collection. Colors on shoes tie are identified by the string of it’s bag handle. [link]

Rubber Band Packaging

Unique box designed by Ric Bixter looks like it is being squeezed with diversity on the strength and size and can be recognize by each color.. [link]

Salami CD Packaging

CD designed by Mother Eleganza for Lithuanian musician SHIDLAS looks like it came from a meat shop along with it’s vacuum packing. . [link]

Floppy Diskette CD Packaging

“Science Vs. Witchcraft”, a band from Rochester, cleverly used 5.25″ Floppy diskettes for their CD Packaging. They removed the magnetic disk and replaced it with their CD. [link]

Laundry Detergent Box

Washing machine inspired laundry detergent packaging from South Korea, simple but right to the point.

Nobilin Pills Packaging

Clever packaging shows how the product works: every pill targets heavy food in your stomach. [link]

Meat Shorts Packaging

Remember Lady Gaga famous meat dress? this Weird Clothing sells meat shorts in appropriate packaging with “Human meat” label. [link]

Skinny Jeans Packaging

Memorable and noticeable packaging designed to promote Lee skinny jeans, Easy to handle and convenience. [link]

Reebok Exta Grip Packaging

Creative packaging idea for Reebok climbing shoes with grip at top cover side makes the shoes attach to the box and can be use to store the shoes in the long run. [link]

Anti-Theft Lunch Bags

Sandwich bags that have green splotches printed on both sides, making your freshly prepared lunch look spoiled. Beware and Don’t suffer the injustice of having your sandwich stolen again! [link]

Mr. Clean Dumbbell Packaging

Tommaso Ceschi designed this lovely innovative packaging which can act as a cleaning detergent container and a dumbbell, exercising while you’re cleaning! [link]

Nike Stadium Packaging

Limited Edition of Nike shoeboxes were transformed to house a stadium within by inserting a printed sheet of the stadium interior with embedded sound chips. So you could hear the crowd go wild when the box was opened, it’s incredible idea indeed. [link]

Salt & Pepper Cell

Discovery of this minimalist packaging with two alkaline batteries as a salt and pepper. Designed by Antrepo Design Industry , a studio from Turkey, they are available in red and turquoise, or black and white.

Kleenex Packaging

Perfect Slice of Summer tissue boxes with summer bright colors which suit for the season designed by Hiroko Sanders. [link]

Yarn Packaging

Creative packaging designed to promote Rellana Hair range of yarn which comes in hair colors lookalike along with the face image. [link]

Headphones Packaging

Panasonic earphones were brilliantly packaged to look like a music note in Black & White color.

Pencil Packaging

Each pencil is contained in a glass cylinder topped with a cork that it’s look like a tubes on labs. [link]

EarBudeez Headphones

Creative and fun packaging for headphones in Beautiful colors which is looks like a round face with the headphones represents the eyes.

Gun Makeup Kit

Handgun shaped makeup kit designed by talented artist Ted Noten. [link]

Dog Toy Packaging

Creative dog chew packaging with dog image which can be hanging for easy display designed by Mathilde Solanet. [link]

Nail Packaging

Unique and informative to represents on each of nail size in boxes designed by Pier-Philippe Rioux. [link]

Umbrella Packaging

Creative Wine bottle inspired packaging that is not only unique but easy to store or even just put on your desk is designed for OFESS umbrellas. [link]

Teddy Bear Blood Bag

Creative blood bag meant for children designed to look like a friendly Teddy Bear. [link]

Baby Star Shoe Packaging

Cool packaging designed for Converse Baby Star shoes. When five boxes are placed together they form the shape of the Converse star. Nice, isn’t it? [link]

Dino Gum

BQB’s designer Galima Akhmetzyanova came up with a great idea – to create a gum package shaped like dino’s jaws.” [link]

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