Imcreator is a website that houses a very simple and free website builder. It allows anyone to make a website regardless of their experience level with web development. The beautiful layouts and ease of use of this web app make it one of the most recommended free website creators, with it even being written about by The Next Web, VentureBeat and The New York Times.

The Internet has become an increasingly vital area to have a presence for many different types of businesses, from photographers, to journalists, to even restaurants. Thanks to IM-Creator, people of these professions and many more can easily gain a web presence with taking to time to learn coding or web design. This allows them to focus more time on their trade, and less time into building the backbone of a complicated website.


With IM-Creator, creating a website really is simple, as there are only three steps to complete. The first step is to choose a design. There are many different designs to choose from on the site, and there are specific ones for portfolios and restaurants as well as generic templates. After that, you can customize the template you have chosen with any text, pictures, or video that you want. All of which is very easy to enter into your website, requiring no form of code from you. Also, if you do need some help when attempting to alter your template at all, the support team and the community are available via the support tab. Once you are completely satisfied with how your website appears, you can publish it on either a domain that you have already purchased, or one that you purchase right then. After that, you will have a great looking presence on the web that is very easy to update. You will also have a strong search engine presence, as the coding and design of all of the websites created with IM-Creator are built with search engines in mind, making it easy for potentially interested parties to find you easily.

Not only will the people behind IM-Creator supply you with what you need to create a website, they will also provide you with affordable hosting, and even personalize email with your domain name in it. They will even provide you the tools to promote your website and track the statistics of any and all visitors that happen upon your pages.

IM-Creator can also be used by web designers as well. This will allow designers to deploy their web designs easily, without messing with much web code at all. They can have their clients log in and choose their designs and make money more quickly and more easily, and without touching and HTML at all.

With so many high-profile websites talking about IM-Creator, and with such a large community backing, it is clear that you cannot go wrong in choosing this website to launch your web presence with. Getting online does not have to be complicated at all. With IM-Creator, you just choose a design, customize it, and publish, then let the search engines do the rest.

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