Immersion in Photoshop, Incredible photo manipulation tutorial. You know that the designers pretty often use Photoshop in their works, as the main tool to make creative and exciting pictures. The most common practice is Photo manipulation, it’ll works on website or poster printing. You may think that photo manipulation is boring and unrealistic, but it’s not entirely true. There are a lot of pretty good examples, when the photo manipulation amazes with its realism and mastery. Today we’ll try our best to create incredible photo manipulation by following the tutorial step by step. So, let’s try to immerse in Photoshop, create a great Photo Manipulation using Photoshop and Print them with Poster Printing Services to show your unique creation.

The final result:

The materials you need to download:


Water and sky

Underwater space



Cloud Brushes


Step 1

My choice has stopped exactly at this turtle because it has a great hump, which will be useful in the future. Duplicate the original image with a turtle (Ctrl + J) and hide the lower (first) layer. Now erase the sky, as shown in the image below. You can use the Eraser Tool or erase the sky in either way you know.  Leave only the turtle and the sand.

Name this layer with a turtle – “Turtle”.

Step 2

Now open the picture with the ocean. Select the picture with the ocean and put it on top of a layer with a turtle. With the ocean picture in smaller size being at the top of the turtle picture, so press Ctrl + T and holding down Shift, make your picture bigger like it’s shown below:

It’s necessary to lower the opacity of the layer with the ocean and compare the horizon line with a layer of a turtle. You can see the estimate result on the picture below:

Step 3

Take the Rectangular Marquee Tool and select the entire part of the ocean. This process is shown in the picture below:

After the selection, press Ctrl + T and click the right mouse button to see the drop-down menu, then choose Distort. It’ll help you to distort the edges of the selected area.

Distort the lower edges, as it shown in the picture below.  Make it realistic, we need the water looks blended with the general picture.

Return the opacity to this layer and it should look like this:

Step 4

We need the original lighting of the sky and it’s the opposite of the coverage on the turtle. So, we need to press Ctrl+T in the picture of the sky and the ocean, right-click and select Flip Horizontal.

Step 5

Rename the layer with the ocean to “ocean”. Create a layer mask (Clip Mask) on a layer of “Ocean”.

Step 6

Being on the layer mask with a turtle and holding down Ctrl, click on the layer icon “Turtle”, which will allow us to create a selection of the whole turtle, as it’s shown below:

Now choose the black Brush and use to erase the part of the ocean and sky on the turtle. Make it looks like this:

Step 7

Take a picture with an underwater space, which we stored in the beginning of the tutorial and put it under a layer of a turtle. Press Ctrl+T and give it some dimensions, as it’s shown below:

Step 8

Now create a layer mask (Clip Mask) on the “Turtle” layer and erase with a Soft Brush, sharp edges of sand behind, as shown below. It’ll give the prospect of an underwater scene.

Step 9

Open again the underwater part of the image, as in Step 7 and place it on top of the turtle layer, just adjusting the image size. If the water gets to the top of the turtle, which is located above the water, just wipe it with the Eraser Tool. Create a layer mask (Clip Mask) on this layer, and erase with a soft brush with low opacity body of a turtle, as shown below:

Step 10

Now duplicate the layer (Ctrl + J) with the sky and the ocean and blur it as shown below (Filter>Blur>Gaussian Blur):

Now lower the bottom layer with a blurry ocean in just a few clicks of the keyboard keys (arrow down), by choosing the Move Tool V (Move Tool). Now erase the top part of this layer, leaving only a blurred border.

Step 11

The basics of how to create underwater images have been explained.
Now we’ll work with lights and shadows, as it would be easy to explain step by step how to do it.

Take the picture with the Landscape, you’ve downloaded in the beginning of the tutorial. We need just the sky from this picture. Separate it from the ground, choosing the most convenient way for you. We’ve made it with Rectangular Marquee Tool and inserted into the document. Erase the unnecessary parts.  Then, set the layer mode to Multiply.

In adjustments choose Hue/Saturation.

Change the settings as it shown below.

Create a New Layer (Shift + Ctrl + N). Then take a Black Soft Round Brush with a small opacity and darken the underwater space on the left and under the turtle’s body, as it shown below. It’s a simulation of light, which does not penetrate into the water column, leaving the shade.

Step 12

Open the image of the island. Separate the island from the background in a way which you think it’s more convenience, we did it with the help of Quick Selection Tool, a call key W. Then paste it into the document. Press Ctrl + T, hold down Shift, and reduce the image down to size. Place the island on the hump of the turtle.

In adjustments choose Hue/Saturation and make the changes as in the picture below.

Then choose Color Balance and change it as in the picture below.

Here what you should have in the result.

Step 13

Now choose the Brightness/Contrast.

Change the settings as it shown below.

Change the Color Balance again.

Step 14

Create a New Group, by clicking on the icon below the layers palette. Take a Waterfalls Brush and create a new layer, draw one waterfall. Place them as in the screenshot below:

Now we need to give a little bit of chaos around the clutches of turtle – the sand and bulb. We need a brush like a dripping or splashing water. Although this step can be skipped, or try to do another way you like. Blending Mode – Overlay.

Create a new adjustment layer Hue / Saturation : Saturation -100, Blend Mode – Darken.

Create another adjustment layer Hue / Saturation:  Saturation -30, Blend Mode – Normal.

Step 15

Merge all layers by the key combination Shift + Ctrl + Alt + E. Then place it on top of this layer and add a little sharpness with Sharpen filter.

Here is the final result. Hope you like the Photo Manipulation Tutorial.

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