This is a great news especially for Tea lover anywhere as you are not only enjoy your afternoon tea but get double “teaser” with these incredible packaging with creative and smart designs from all over the world.

Cigarette Tea Bags

Cigarettea are creative tea bags that look just like real cigarettes and will spice up your afternoon tea time.

Origami Tea Bags

Creative tea bags designed by Natalia Ponomareva from Russia comes in fresh Green color with Bird origami perfect for your Green tea.

Tea Stick

Cool tea bags designed for people who do not make their tea in a kitchen: gardeners, builders and campers without even worry for the string getting inside the cup.

Herbal Tea Bags

Clever tea bags designed to associate tea with a healthy lifestyle which comes in a shape of peoples doing an activity.

Ineeka Tea Bags

Cool tea bags that have paper arms on the sides that fold out in order to make them into a single-use filter and allow you to brew your tea leaves.

Maum Tea Bags

Cool tea bag designs look like people with different personalities but with a same shape in the form of a handle suitable for standard tea cups size.

T Bag

Example of literal design applied to a tea bag by Felix Reinki that is design with no string and to look like a hang Tag attach to a tea cup.

Hanger Tea

Creative tea bags by Soon Mo Kang are shaped like T-shirts with a hanger that hangs on the tea cup with box represent to a wardrobe.

Tea To Go Sticks

Tea bags are attached inside of the tea stick so there is no need to use the spoon for stirring and aim for getting more flavor from the tea.

tPod Tea Bags

Small paper boats attached to tea bags by Elisabeth Soós is one of a unique tea bag which may bring you more fun in enjoying your tea time.

Tea Forté

Tall polyhedral infuser tea packs by Peter Hewitt, each with a disarmingly natural-looking leaf/sprout tag will give you a stronger taste because of it’s stable position which has the tea keep staying at the bottom center cup of tea.

Tea Stick Stirrer

Designed by Lee Yun Qin, tea sticks can also act as a stirrer to let you add sugar or other flavor more comfortably as user can stirring it easily.

Lighting Tea Bag

Cool lighting concept by Wonsik Chae imitates the form of a tea bag and it may lite up your feeling.

Tea Leave Log Bar

These tea packaging comes in bright color with tea leave texture was designed by Pavla Chuykina & Ann Moiseenko from Russia




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