Here are few examples of Food & Drink Packaging which we try to organize based on daily routines and your regular meal time from Morning to Midnight or from Breakfast to Dinner. It may lite up our appetite to have these wonderful packaging accompany us trough out the day and it may spice up our life too. Don’t you think? hope you all enjoys it and let us know your comment.

Oatmeal Packaging

Start your day with Creative taste pack contains oatmeal with added sugar and salt.

Milk Jug Packaging

Original double spouted milk jug which bring us a feeling of fresh from the cow is designed by Kathleen Hills.

Egg Packaging

Stock up your protein needs with this Innovative egg carton with rubber bands will hold eggs of any size.

Bread Packaging

Don’t have time to pour an oatmeal? choose bread with Clever packaging designed by Envision for Kohberg bread buns. Part of the profits from sales goes to Danish breast cancer society.

Butter Packaging

It won’t be perfect to have bread without a butter and this Creative packaging by Yeongkeun Jeong comes with a knife.

Milk Packaging

Teet Milk designed by Ashley Linnenbank will get noticed in store and easy to carry in single portion size.

Cookie Packaging

Snack up with cookie with creative packaging that is used in Japan.

Blood Bag Energy Drink

Get more energy for the rest of the day with Fruit punch energy drink which comes in a transfusion-style blood bag.

Sandwhich Packaging

Time for lunch and this Creative lunchboxes with sandwiches designed by Emma Smart which comes with a plate too.

Pizza Packaging

Not enough with sandwhich? this Mouth Pizza box was created by Colgate which supplied pizzerias with creative pizza boxes designed to look like the inside of a human mouth.

Soft Drink Packaging

Nothing better than this to go along with your lunch, this cup with transparent window shows how much Coca-Cola is left.

Peelable Bottles Packaging

Another to freshen up the day and this creative bottles with fruit inspired textures were made for the launch of new flavors of Smirnoff Caipiroska.

Tetris shape Sugar

Want to go with something lighter? get an afternoon tea with this Sugar in the form of Tetris pieces designed by Danil Zdorov.

Spaghetti Packaging

Have your dinner in a wisely portion in this brilliant packaging with six compartment was designed by Neal Fletcher to help you cook the perfect amount of spaghetti.

Beer Packaging

Time to relax at the End of History beer is packaged inside the bodies of dead animals.

All Photos are courtesy from the internet and thanks for sharing.


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