Facebook Timeline is going to replace a traditional Facebook wall very soon so all brand pages may expect changes in visual layout, navigation and overall page format. Moreover, page admins will be able to use Timeline area instead of an old landing page, so this will be a perfect opportunity to highlight current promotions, products, share news and content as well as give every visitor a starting point.

As we have already told you, an automatic switch to Timeline mode will take place on March 30. It means that you have some time to prepare your brand page and start getting into the way of using Facebook Timeline. Apart from tips that we have already shared with you in our previous articles there is something else we’d like to say. So the following suggestions are for you!

1. Do research and get inspired
You have time to search for some creative ideas, to learn tips and suggestions as to the Timeline use. For example, find brand pages which already use Timeline and estimate the way they managed it. Get to know how to use new profile, cover images effectively. There is enough time to discuss the issue with other brand pages owners and even get some helpful advice.

2. Think about visual identity
You will be able to use new cover and profile images to create a striking visual identity for your company. There will be enough space to use something eye-catching to captivate users’ attention at once and make them love your page. This is an excellent way to invite visitors and show them the most benefits of your brand by means of cover image. See examples:

Coca-Cola Facebook Timeline
Facebook Timeline

Red Bull Facebook Timeline
Facebook Timeline

Harley-Davidson Facebook Timeline
Facebook Timeline

3. Use preview mode.
Till March 30 you have an excellent chance to create and preview your brand page before it will go live and the new image of your page will become available for every one. Due to preview mode you can test various layouts before official launching and prepare for new presentation in an appropriate manner. You better use the time with advantage and when the 30th of March will come you will be totally ready to present your page to the world in the best way.

4. Combine Timeline launch with a contest.
If you want to start with a new Timeline design as effectively as possible you can organize a special contest. For example, when you will publish the first inviting post to invite visitors to estimate your brand page new design you at once can offer them take pat in a contest and get rewarded. You can ask your fans to search the milestones and answer the questions about your brand. In this way you will kill two birds with one stone – invite your fans in a creative way and spread the word about your company attracting new visitors.

5. Don’t forget about image assets importance
Text-only posts are no longer the most valuable ones on Facebook Timeline. What you need to do is to emphasize the visual aspect and, correspondingly, add more visualization to your publications. This is also explained by the fact that on Timeline images and videos will appear in a larger size than it was on the Wall. Together with stories visuals will make up an eye-catching presentation of the content you want to share with your fans.

So, there is quite enough time for every brand to think over Facebook page new image and style. But don’t think that uploading new cover image or inventing an engaging story about your brand will do the whole work. Facebook is going to experience a total change and you must be totally ready for it too. That is why your task is to think over the whole strategy, to apply new approach and concept in order to give your brand page a winning start.



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