Facebook Creative XML Portfolio 520px – Very simple structure of XML and PHP allows you to change all content texts, logo and images fast. This stylish template is excellent choice for every painter, photographer, musician and anyone who needs portfolio! To install the template read the FAQ or Facebook Tips: How to install Facebook Templates?


Main Page:
Facebook Flash Template: Creative Portfolio

About page:
Facebook Flash Template: Creative Portfolio


PSD file
FLA file
fonts files
XML files
FAQ file

Structure and FAQ:

1. Gallery: All images are available in “gallery” folder. Thumbnails in “small” folder, Big images in “big” folder!
1.1. In gallery.xml (root folder) you can change the file names and paths!
2. Contact Form: In email.php (root folder) change line $destination=”yourname@domain.com”; where yourname@domain.com – your email address!
2.1. In contacts/contacts.xml you can change fields names for your contact form!
3. About/about_im – Your photo for “About Me” page
3.1. In About/about.xml you can change information on “about me” page!
4. data.xml (root folder) – main xml file (you can change logo text, slogan text and copyright text)!

Price: $12

Facebook Flash Template: Creative Portfolio

Facebook Flash Template: Creative Portfolio



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