In this article we’ll talk about a design and usability in general and in terms of facebook templates. Let’s start from the foreword. I think the definition of design is clear to everybody, but not everybody knows what usability is.

So, what is usability? Here is the definition from Wikipedia. Usability is the ease of use and learnability of a human-made object. The object of use can be a software application, website, book, tool, machine, process, or anything a human interacts with. A usability study may be conducted as a primary job function by a usability analyst or as a secondary job function by designers, technical writers, marketing personnel, and others. It is widely used in consumer electronics, communication, and knowledge transfer objects (such as a cookbook, a document or online help) and mechanical objects such as a door handle or a hammer.

It is difficult to catch the meaning at once, isn’t it?

And now I’ll describe usability in one word and you’ll catch the meaning at once. Usability is a convenience.

People seldom speak about design and usability in the same context because many designers fulfilling a definite task try to create a perfect beautiful and stylish product without thinking about a convenience of arrangement and a use of elements there. Designer doesn’t want to know whether his product convenient, logic, agreeable and clear. He takes a great interest in the process of creation. And you are delighted with the first impression. In a week, month, year and design comes to real life. And there everything is different.

So, here are some important points which it is necessary to keep in mind.

1. Design is not a science! If it were science (it is a mistake to consider design to be a science as well as to consider chess to be a sport) we’d have a possibility to know its rules for sure. But in design we can break all the rules. Some suppose to be a rule to use only one print in the design of a book band. But it is not correct.

Design and Usability of Facebook templates
Geronimo Stilton. L’amore è com il formaggio… Casale Monferrato: Edizione Piemme Spa, 2000

We can say without hesitations that even if we use only one print then in the band we can’t help using several fonts. There is nothing bad in the use of two, three or four fonts. A designer-beginner often uses a variety of fonts to make up the deficiency of means of expression. But it is a silly formalism to reject a design only because of the presence of several fonts at the band. So if you’ll se a template with various fonts- choose it immediately because it is a rarity.

2. Simplicity and primitiveness. The front of a house with the eaves looks much better (nicer, acceptably) then without one. And it is not clear why not every architect understands this.

Design and Usability of Facebook templates

We can say the same about any other object of design: it should be simple but not primitive.

3. In screen interfaces any control should be not less than cursor area (16×16 pixels).

Design and Usability of Facebook templates

Look at the template design which you like. If there is something which is less than a cursor- forget about this template!

4. Think of the following: – a good logotype should be easy to depict. – It is good when the advertisement is not quite clear at once. A person should waste some time to catch the sense and should remember such an advertisement better. These two mistakes caused the creation of bad logotypes and bad advertisement then other mistakes. And now look at the template you like once again. Oh no, it is better not to look but to try to depict a logotype of that template.

5. There are not many people in the world that understand that the main thing in the mobile phone is easy dialing and the quality of communication but not a calendar and other applications; in the TV remote it is a simplicity in changing the volume and in switching channels but not a chroma key. That is a convenience mentioned above.

6. Secrets of good hypertext. Books about hypertext don’t give us information about where to make links and how many of them there have to be. There are several ways of determining of good hypertext (we don’t speak about menu, sections with links and other navigational and informational materials). In no circumstances give links with words “here” and “there” and so on. So, links must be given in such a way that the readers understand everything if there are no links. If every second word is underlined the reader stops to understand the text. There are laws of perception and holding an attention in the Internet. So, the less links in a text- the better. The best way of solving this problem is to have links at the end of the article. The reader has already read your article and now it is time to move on to some page. And what is about your template? Are there many links?

7. If your site is not created with the help of HTML or Flash? Then such devices as Iphone and Ipad won’t be able to open your site and a user will see nothing if he has such devices. And if it is created with the help of HTML then everything is ok, don’t worry and look at your template once again! These are the main points and it is important to pay attention to them. Of course, a design, style, possibilities and functions of a site are the most important things.

Only after them you should pay attention to those 7 mentioned above. But it is so obvious that we decided not to write about it. How can we make the article more useful and informative for the reader? The answer is simple- to advice a place where it is possible to find facebook templates which fit the description above! By the way, this part of the article is the most difficult because it is not easy to find a place with well done beautiful templates. But in the end we’ve done our choice: Fanfbmltemplates | Facebook templates.

Design and Usability of Facebook templates

Thank you for your attention and don’t forget to comment this article. We appreciate your opinion!

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