Nowadays for the successful advertising of your business or simply a resource in the Internet it is necessary to use all possible directions, one of which is the social Networks! Among all the possible social Networks it is necessary to pay attention to the largest one- facebook- first of all.

So, you already have a login in this social Network and have already created the page for your business, you publish news there, upload photos and decided to create fbml app page! The only thing is left is to choose the resource where you can buy facebook template. Be careful while choosing it because there are a lot of shops with this kind of templates but their quality leaves much to be desired! That is why now we will describe the main resources with the high-quality facebook templates! So, where one should go to buy the template?

For the first, one should go to the ENVATO shops which have already given a good account of them, and to be more exact- to the one of its subdivisions- activeden!

facebook template

For the second, it is necessary to look for them in the well-known templatemonsters. Lately they began to work hard at the facebook templates. By the way, if you decided to buy the template for your facebook page not sparing your money then you boldly may choose the template with the mark “premium” (created by the crew motocms)! These templates have their own administrative panel and you can always change the text, picture, arrangement of elements and many other things with no efforts!

facebook template

The only shortcoming of these facebook templates is their price! For this money it is possible to buy 3 different templates at the other resource, for example! This is the third place where one should search for the template.

In general, all these resources have a great variety of templates among which even the most fastidious purchaser will be able to choose to his taste. As you have noticed, all the facebook templates are the flash templates. Then why to create such templates the out-of-date technology is used (the times of the flash templates have already passed because nowadays many creators use more up-to-date and productive directions in the template creation, for example wordpress, joomla and others use jQuery, HTML 5 and so on)? The answer is simple and now you’ll understand why. Creating the fbml page you should enter only one code (if you have already created such pages then you understand me, and if not- then you are to do it), while all the pictures and other files should be at another server. And how is it easier to create a multipage site with the help of only one file? It is easier to create it only with the help of flash. Of course, it is possible to find a statistical template without a flash use, but often it is a one-page template which is also called fan page. Mainly they contain only a small part of information (contact info, information about the creators, photo, and logotype). If you need a facebook template of such kind you can buy it in the specialized shops, for example

facebook template

The Facebook Template: What to pay attention? Also buying a facebook template to pay attention to the template structure and in what way the content addition and editing is realized in the template. You should do it because the addition of your information will be the first thing that you do after the facebook template buying and installation. That is why we can divide all the facebook templates into three groups.

The first group of facebook templates is the worst variant for people who don’t gain an understanding of it. To edit facebook templates of this kind one should have initial files because information in the template is kept there in particular. In this case a buyer may have some problems (to be exact software and an ability to work with it).

facebook template

The second group of facebook templates is called XML templates. The name is self-explanatory. All information is kept in one file, to edit which you needn’t have some special knowledge and to gain an understanding of which is possible for everybody.

facebook template

The third group is facebook templates with the administrative panel. For editing the templates of this kind one needn’t have some special knowledge, this variant is the most convenient for buyers. But the price of these templates differs sharply from XML templates! And there is no necessity to compare it with the first group of templates!

facebook template

So, this is the basic knowledge for the facebook template purchase. By the way, have you already seen our page at facebook? If you haven’t seen it- here is link. Don’t forget to give us your “like”. And at the end we’ll give you an advice concerning facebook templates choice. We like this template very much: Facebook Creative XML Portfolio 520px

facebook template

It belongs to the second group of templates. The category is art. It gives the best fit for every kind of portfolio. Good luck.
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