We have already seen a collection of Facebook Templates produced by Flashmint. Therefore, this article may be considered a continuation of Facebook Templates produced by Flashmint.

In the Facebook social network were more than 500 million users, that is their number one and a half times the U.S. population. In addition, some Facebook users create personal pages, not only for themselves but for their businesses, hobbies… Therefore, the total number of Facebook pages count as hard as the stars in the sky. It is possible that the number of pages is known only to Facebook admins. But one can say with absolute certainty – their very large amount! And many people know what constitutes Facebook template!

Moreover, many have long been bought or created yourself Facebook template. Therefore, to become an innovator in this area will not work. As now gaining momentum on which sites you can pick up and bought a Facebook template!
In most cases, facebook template which is located on a given page to 70% carries general information and press the call “like”, thus making the page more popular!
The first who created facebook template – it is a biggest company, in whom the staff are a strong team of marketers, programmers and financiers.

So, could you Impress your Friends with Facebook Template? I don’t think so!

Big brands demonstrate the best use of Facebook by far. Getting millions of fans may not seem like a big deal for Coca-Cola or Victoria’s Secret, but these companies managed to create fan pages that engage users on a much deeper level than by just asking them to click the “Like” button. An interesting trend seen across this category is of large companies taking Facebook to a new level, putting it at the center not only of their social media campaign, but of their entire online presence.

Red Bull Facebook template
The fan page for Red Bull is by far one of the best on Facebook. By implementing a number of innovative ideas and engaging apps, Red Bull makes the best of its Facebook presence and thus stands out from business pages for other brands. A good example of this is its Twitter stream, which, instead of featuring just Red Bull’s corporate feed, assembles tweets from sponsored sports athletes and allows fans to connect with them beyond Red Bull’s domain. Bravo Red Bull!

Facebook Template

Porsche Facebook template
The ColorStyler tab on the fan page for Porsche is so darn great that one immediately wonders why on Earth they didn’t make it the default tab? The pure FBJS tab allows users to select a Porsche model and customize its look in a live preview mode, with a nifty color and rims picker. One then can send the Porsche image to a friend or publish it on the page’s wall. This hidden gem makes the entire page shine.

Facebook Template

Twilight Saga Facebook template
The default tab for the official fan page of the blockbuster series Twilight Saga is a large graphical tab promoting the latest episode, Eclipse. The custom tab incorporates elements of the movie’s website and the trailer, live Twitter updates, links to official websites and other info.

Facebook Template

Coca-Cola Facebook template
Another giant with a million-plus Facebook fans, Coca-Cola has a fan-centric Facebook page. It encourages active user participation and interaction between the brand and its fans. The landing tab is set to the Coca-Cola introduction, which contains a dynamic box with latest updates and a “Like” button, links to other social network profiles for the brand, a fan highlights strip, and info about the product and the page’s creators (by the way, this Facebook template was created by two Coke fans and then later supported officially by the company)

Facebook Template

Skittles Facebook template
Although Skittles’ facebook template features two brightly designed, eye-catching tabs (one a graphic presentation with links, the other promoting its “Mob The Rainbow” campaign), the company has set its Wall tab as the default. This is typical of popular brands that don’t require an introduction. It allows fans and visitors to the page to immediately follow the company’s updates and join the conversation.

Facebook Template

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