The specially for you we have compiled a list of the Most Rated Image Galleries You Can Buy by Activeden site!

All of the gallery are really worthy of your time and attention. So, I’ve collected the top web design galleries with great design, magnificent usability and amazing animation. I’ve choose as the place to find them. This collection includes 10 great image galleries, of course all of them can be simply bought.

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01. Dynamic xml image gallery v3 – Top Gallery

Dynamic xml image gallery

1. easy customize video or image. description ,title,with external xml files.
2. Auto-Adapted thumbnail size.
3. Auto-Adapted video controller size….

02. SPACE 3D Media Gallery – Best web Gallery

SPACE 3D Media Gallery

SPACE 3D Wall Media Gallery is the ultimate creative gallery for your pictures/ swfs/ videos/ YouTube videos. It can be used as a portfolio or just as your cool gallery for your work. In the package you get the fla source, actionscript classes and the deploy package.

03. Dynamic Elegant Gallery 2 – Top Image Gallery

Dynamic Elegant Gallery 2

1. Easily editable, just via xml.
2. Audio file and volume can be controlled via xml for the center music player.
3. Minimum dimensions for the website can be set. So, that it doesn’t go smaller than that….

04. XML ZOOM GALLERY – Top Gallery


This is a dynamic XML gallery for high resolution free royalty free images with full screen scaling and the ability to zoom and scroll enlarged images. It offers advanced thumbnail scrolling with description and title for each image.

05. AS3 : Zoom XML Gallery – Best Gallery design

AS3 : Zoom XML Gallery

Suport any amout of images
To add/remove images just edit the xml file with the image path and description
The image size can be easilly changed in code

06. Slide Zoom Viewer – Top image Gallery

Slide Zoom Viewer

This is a drag and drop XML drive image viewer with zoom/pan capability and HTML /CSS description text. It can be used both for flash files to be embedded in HTML as well as for dragging and dropping into your flash project.

07. XML Scrolling Gallery – Creative Image Gallery

XML Scrolling Gallery

Hover over the menu on the right in the full screen preview to see the thumbnails!

08. Chop – The Chocolate Banner – Top Gallery design

Chop – The Chocolate Banner

The Chopolate Banner – A powerful Flash banner creator with some extra sweet topping!

09. Flickr photostream – Minimal Gallery design

Flickr photostream

Displays your Flickr photostream randomly with a optional number of thumbnails. Every thumb has a tooltip which shows your Flickr photo header and description.

10. Elegant Ken Burns Banner Rotator – Top design gallery

Elegant Ken Burns Banner Rotator

And Check this Cool Slider!



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