A small list, most, in my opinion, useful sites for any WEB-developers interested in web design, layout and programming. I think everyone among this list will find sites which will be included in a long time to RSS-feed. And of course don’t forget to add our site in your RSS-feed.

I am sure that many of the following sites you have a long and regularly visit, but I still want to present to you this list!

A List ApartA List Apart has the best advice and opinions from leading industry minds.

Abduzeedo (Blog about design)
Arbenting (Blog about design and development)
Alltop (A selection of links to web design)
Affiliate Ranger (Blog about design and development)
Ajaxian (News and articles for web developers)

Build Internet! this is a relatively new blog, but already staked out a place among the best blogs on web design and development and much more.

Boagworld (Blog and podcast about web design)
Best Web Gallery (CSS gallery)
Bittbox (Blog about design)

CSS-Tricks. This is the site that will be useful to anyone who has to deal with CSS. Contains many tricks and techniques of CSS.

CSS3 Info (Blog about CSS3)
Cats Who Code (Blog about Web development)
CSS Line (CSS gallery)
Creattica Daily (Daily news blog about web design)
CSS Globe (CSS News)

Design Bump and Design Moo. And resources such as Design Bump and Design Moo have the social aspect of voting, how to Digg, but completely focused on web design and development.

Design Float (Analogue Design Bump and Design Moo)
Design-Newz (Web Design News)
DevSnippets (Web development Blog)
Design Jojo (Selected News design and blog posts)

Elliot Jay Stocks – The recent redesign of the site Elliot Jay Stocks’ shows the capabilities of modern web design.

From the Couch – Videocast brothers Mark and David Perel, in which they talk about web design.

Freelance Switch (Blog about Freelance)
Fuel Your Coding (Web Development Blog)
ffffffive (Blog about Creativity)
For A Beautiful Web (Blog about Web Design and Development)
Fudge Graphics (Blog about Web Design)

GoMediaZine. Great resource for all sorts of things related to design.

Grace Smith (Blog about Web Design and Development)

HTML 5 Gallery. As one might assume from the title of the site, HTML 5 Gallery is a gallery of sites using HTML elements 5.

HTML 5 Doctor (Blog about web development focusing on HTML 5)
Hongkiat (Blog about web design and development)
Hot scripts (Resources for web development)

I Love Typography. Typography plays an important role in web design, and the blog I Love Typography is one of the best on the subject.

I’m Just Creative (Blog about Design)
In the Woods (Blog About Web Development)
Instant Shift (Blog about Design)
Icon Finder (Icon finder)

Just Creative Design. Great blog about different aspects of design, typography and more.

jQuery (javascript library)

Kuler. Wonderful tool for color selection from Adobe.

Line25. Creative blog about web design by Chris Spooner (Chris Spooner).

Logo Design Love (A blog about design logos)
Lee Munroe (Blog about web design)

Minervity. A professional blog about design with lots of tutorials and tips for freelancers.

Noupe. A great blog dedicated to web design and development.

Naldz Graphics (Blog about design)
Nettuts+ (Tutorials about web development)

Only Creative. The most creative portfolio of the most creative designers from around the world.

Outlaw Design Blog (Blog about Design)

Pattern Tap. An excellent collection of design elements collected from various sites.

Qapture. Broadcast hotlinks to Twitter from the most interesting people.

Qbrushes (Free brushes for Photoshop)
QNT (Gallery of digital art magazines and web sites about web design)
QuirksBlog (Blog about testing and browser compatibility)

Retinart. Blog with thoughts on design, creativity and beauty. Contains lots of interesting material from the depth articles on typography and ending with an interview with creative designers.

Reencoded (Resource dedicated to web design and development)

Smashing Magazine. What would have been without this list Smashing Magazine?! Best site for designers and developers.

Six Revisions (Blog about Web Design and Development)
Sitepoint (Blog about Web development)
Spyre Studios (Blog about Web Design)
Spoon Graphics (Blog about Web Design)
Sam Brown (Blog about Web Design and Development)
SlickMap CSS (CSS Sitemap)

Tutorial Magazine. Tutorial Magazine collects the best tutorials for web design and development. Simple cute design and good presentation.

Tutorial9 (Tutorials on web design and development)
Typesett Magazine (Blog about web design with an emphasis in typography)
The Design Cubicle (Blog about Design)
The Do’s & Don’ts of Modern Web Design (Tricks and tips on web design and development)
Think Vitamin (Blog about Web Design and Development)
Teach yourself (Blog about Web Creation)

Usability Post. A great look at the usability on the Web and beyond. Not updated very often, but every post of excellent quality.

UX Booth (Blog about web usability)

Vandelay Design. Another great blog about web design / development.

Vectortuts (Tutorials on vector design)
Veerle’s Blog (Blog about Web Design)

Web Design Remix. Nice blog about design, that will inspire anyone. Free PSD resources, tutorials and lots of interesting things about the design.

Web Designer Depot (Website about Web Design)
What the Font (Search Fonts)
Web Design News (Blog about the news in web design)
Web Design Ledger (Blog about Web Design)
WebDesignDev (Blog about Web Design and Development)
Woork (Blog about Web Design and Development)

X — Nothing!
Not found any good site that starts with X.

You The Designer. Another site was found while writing this post, but it will be far more than the RSS subscription any designer.

Zach Krasner Times. The only sites found on Z. Contains material aggregated from various sites within the network.



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