When I’m looking at excellent websites for design inspiration, one of my favorite aspects of design to notice is the navigation menu. While I enjoy seeing excellent designs of all types (minimal to artistic to colorful to dark) and various aspects of the site (including headers and footers), a well-designed and well-executed navigation menu can have more impact on my appreciation of a site than any other single piece of the design.
In this post I’d like to take a look at 21 magnificent examples of navigation menus that positively impact the design of a website. The list includes a great deal of variety. Regardless of what you personally prefer, there should be some inspirational examples in here for you. Enjoy! And don’t forget retweet and subscribe!

01. housingworks

02. 30elm

03. Nuttersmark

04. Carbonica

05. AgroDealer

06. Good

07. Remedy Drive

08. Soh Tanaka

09. Web Design Ledger

10. SpaceCollective

11. Power to the Poster

12. WWD

13. Rockatee

14. Vitor Lourenco

15. Thuiven

16. Buffalo

17. Branded07

18. MacAllen Ridge

19. The 9513

20. Mint

21. Mia & Maggie


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