JavaScript is the most dynamic scripting language that is used for making websites interactive and user-friendly. In the JavaScript library developers are going to find many open source scripts like Prototype, jQUERY, DOJO and many more which they can use in their future projects to enhance the functionalities of the website.

Framework is a particular genre of JavaScript library that have much more advanced properties. Integration of these scripts in a website will provide the platform with sophisticated functionalities which are not available in the conventional JavaScripts. However, to get the desired result, the developers need to use these frameworks perfectly.

With the aim of helping the developers, we have collected twenty best JavaScript framework navigation tutorials that will be extremely useful for the web developers.

Different styles of navigation menus like circular pattern, vertical dropdown, horizontal dropline dropdown and other styles can be created by using these framework tutorials, thus leaving the developers with plenty of options to choose from according to the need of the website. The use of these JavaScript frameworks will help in keeping the web design clean and aesthetically beautiful.

The lists of the tutorials posted in this article have been developed by proficient web developers who have an in-depth knowledge in this scripting language. Detailed step by step description of the whole procedure is present in these tutorials; therefore even novice developers can use these to enrich their skills. The use of these JavaScript navigation frameworks will make the landing page of the website extremely user friendly and attractive looking as well.

1. Accordion menu

2. A circular menu with sub menus

3. Chrome CSS Drop Down Menu

4. Drop Down Tabs

5. Professional dropline #6

6. Horizontal dropline dropdown flyout menu

7. MenuMatic

8. Slidedown menu

9. Create a multilevel Dropdown menu with CSS and improve it via jQuery

10. Free Website Builder

11. jQuerydropline with current selection

12. Professional Dropdown

13. Floating HTML Menu

14. JavaScript Dropdown Menu with Multi Levels

15. jQuery – Menu tree

16. jQuery plugin Treeview

17. Superfish

18. Sliding Top Menu With jQuery

19. Mootools Homepage

20. List Based Menu with Images

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