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30+ Amazing Amazon Products. Part 2 collection below:

Amazon Products
Sub Zero Macbook Decal Mac Apple skin sticker
Transform your regular MacBook’s apple logo light into a ball of ice being conjured by none other than Sub-Zero from Mortal Kombat. These stickers are low-adhesive vinyl that can easily be removed and reapplied without leaving a sticky residue on your MacBook. View Details

Amazon Products
Zombie Gear Demon Bones Tri-Bladed Fantasy Hand Claw
Owning a pair of these medieval hand blades is the closest you’ll ever get to being born with mutant healing powers and given retractable blades in your fists. These fully functional hand blades are designed with mini skulls and sport a comfortable hand grip as well. View Details

Amazon Products
ON SALE! Stryker the Smoking Dragon Sculptural Incense Box
Want to keep your house smelling fresh but keep your grizzled reputation intact? Well then the Dragon Skull Incense Burner is here to help you – the incense smoke releases from this epic looking Dragon’s nostrils allowing your house to smell and look great. View Details

Amazon Products
“Raptor Hoodie Shirt, 14”
Transform from being boring and regularly clothed to sporting a vicious looking open mouthed Raptor with the Raptor Hoodie. This Raptor Hoodie is a great gift for people who love dinosaurs and is available in both kids and adult sizes, so we can all dinosaur out! View Details

Amazon Products
Midwest Tropical 675 Square Aquarium Coffee Table
No bachelor pad would be complete without an over the top item like an aquarium coffee table. Both stylish and functional, this coffee table aquarium comes complete with decorative aquarium plants, lighting, filtration pumps, and everything else you’ll need. View Details

Amazon Products
Nintendo Wall Graphics – Super Mario Bros
Decorate your room with one of the most recognizable games ever with the Super Mario Wall Stickers. Included in this Super Mario Wall Sticker package are three large and restickable vinyl decals, with dozens of smaller individual decals in each package. View Details

Amazon Products
Sword Umbrella
When you need to stay safe from the rain but also want to keep your man ego intact, a sword handle umbrella is the only solution. From broad swords to samurai swords, you’ll look like a rain impenetrable warlord walking around with any one of these umbrellas. View Details

Amazon Products
Legendary Suitjamas Premium Suitjamas
Look and feel like a million bucks every time you go to sleep with these Suit Pajamas. These Suit Pajamas are the officially licensed version of Suitjamas as seen in How I Met Your Mother, and are made from fine silk and cotton for a light and breathable feel. View Details

Amazon Products
Boon Glo Nightlight with Portable Balls, White
Light up the kid’s room with these night light globes or grab a single globe and use it as a light source. These portable nightlight globes are available in any color you like, and stay lit for thirty minutes before fading to darkness to ease any kid into falling asleep. View Details

Amazon Products
Air Swimmer Remote Control Inflatable Flying Shark
This radio control flying shark needs to be to seen in action. When in motion the shark’s back fin moves and gives a surprisingly realistic look to anyone caught in this deadly beast’s way. The flying radio control shark is made from durable nylon and uses refillable helium. View Details

Amazon Products
Cute Fire Extinguisher Lighter With LED Light
The mini fire extinguisher lighter is a cool twist on the tried and true fire extinguisher. Made from solid metal, the mini fire extinguisher lighter is refillable and has an adjustable flame and makes a great stocking stuffer gift idea for smokers. View Details

Amazon Products
The mini iPhone speaker amplifier is a device that attaches to your iPhone and boosts the sound levels by 13 decibels without requiring any battery use, just good old fashioned acoustical science. It also doubles as phone stand so you can watch movies and shows. View Details

Amazon Products
Batman Comfy Throw Blanket With Sleeves
Keep warm and look like the Dark Knight with this Batman Snuggie Blanket! The snuggie blanket allows your hands to be free while still giving you the benefit of wearing a full adult size blanket, and makes a great gift idea for the holidays. View Details

Amazon Products
Impecca KBB600CW Bamboo Wirelesskeyboard & Mous
This USB Keyboard + Mouse combo is made from natural bamboo and is compatible with all computers. The bamboo keyboard and mouse will give you a warm and elegant feel whenever you use your PC, even though you’re probably wasting away on dumb sites like this one. View Details

Amazon Products
Water ball
You may not be heavenly, but that shouldn’t stop you from walking on water thanks to this inflatable human hamster ball. At approximately 7 feet tall, this inflatable walk on water ball will provide hours of fun on the water, and possibly induce claustrophobia. View Details

Amazon Products
ON SALE! Bath Tissue Tyrant: Commode Dragon
Give your bathroom some geeky and medieval style with this Dragon statue toilet paper holder. This Dragon toilet paper holder is hand painted and will almost certainly guarantee you’ll never seal the deal if you bring a girl over your home. View Details

Amazon Products
Boyfriend PillowTM- Companion Pillow Micro Beads – Mooshi squeeze and soft silky like t-shirt
This Snuggle Pillow will always be a shoulder for you to lie and cry on. This pillow is machine washable, includes the removable t-shirt, and also is a great neck pillow. Makes a great gift for the constantly neglected forever aloners or girls on the rebound. View Details

Amazon Products
Transformer 4gb USB Drive
If you loved playing with transformers as a kid, you’ll love this Transforming USB flash drive. Equipped with four gigs of memory and built to look like Ravage, the decepticon transforming jungle cat definitely has more than meets the eye. View Details

Amazon Products
Teroforma Whisky Stones
Whiskey stones are freezable naturally mined soapstones that will keep your drink cold but won’t water it down. The whiskey stones will keep your drink cold up to an hour, allowing you to savor the delicious whiskey or other liquor of your choice. View Details

Amazon Products
Kymera Magic Wand Remote Control
Harry Potter fans can now control any TV with the flick of the wrist with this magic wand TV remote control! This magic wand TV remote control has thirteen different gestures to do everything from turn the TV on and off to changing the volume or channel. View Details

Amazon Products
Pet Hoodie
If your small pet struggles to stay warm during the cold winters than consider keeping Mr. Fluffums warm this winter season with these stylish pet hoodies. Made from 100% cotton, these sleeved pet hoodies will make your pet feel cool while staying warm. View Details

Amazon Products
Kikkerland Skull Shot Glasses, Set of 4
Real men fight bears, arm wrestle lions, and drink exclusively from skull shot glasses that are lit on fire. Now you too can own yourself some skull shaped shot glasses and finally be able to say you’re own your way to becoming a real man. View Details

Amazon Products
Tool Logic CC1SB Credit Card Companion with 1/2-Inch Knife, Translucent Black
This pocket size toolkit is as thin as a credit card so it can easily fit in your wallet. Aside from being as thin as a credit card, this toolkit includes a knife, compass, magnification lens, tweezers, screwdriver, bottle opener, and a toothpick! View Details

Amazon Products
Cyber Clean 25055 Home & Office Pop-up Cup – 5.11 oz. (145g)
This cleaning putty is perfect for cleaning your electronics; The putty will conform its shape to any item to ensure it gets into all the cracks and crevices and pulls out all the debris. This putty is the coolest, safest, and most thorough way to do a deep clean all your electronics. View Details

Amazon Products
Fred and Friends Hopside Down Glass
Everything you know is a lie. Drink your beer upside down with this upside down beer bottle glass. This novelty beer glass is dishwasher safe, holds 12 ounces and is a cool gift for parties and will be an instant conversation piece. View Details

Amazon Products
Modern Single Handle Waterfall Bathroom Vanity Vessel Sink LED Faucet, Chrome
Add some high tech style to your home faucet with this temperature sensitive LED Faucet. The color of the lighting changes depending on the temperature of the water that is coming out: blue means the water is cold, green means the water is hot, red means the water is very hot. View Details

Amazon Products
Fred and Friends Gin and Titonic Ice Cube Tray
Add a touch of class to every drink with the Titanic ice cube mold, and relive the glorious failure that was the Titanic. Included in this Titanic ice cube mold are the molds for the titanic ship and the merciless iceberg. View Details

Amazon Products
Cool Black 48″ Umbrella W/ LED Light Up Shaft
Stay dry and lit up with this LED Light Up Umbrella. This umbrella features an LED shaft that lights up with multiple colors. At 36 inches long this light up umbrella is perfect for rainy nights or to put together a Blade Runner style costume. View Details

Amazon Products
Uncle Milton Moon In My Room
Enjoy a full moon every night and keep your bed room lit up with the Moon Wall Light. This bed room light has a built in sensor that activates the Moon’s illumination when the room starts getting dark and makes a cool gift for a kid’s room. View Details

Amazon Products
Peekaru Original Fleece Baby Carrier Cover Medium – Black
Carry your newly born baby with ease thanks to the Peekaru hands free baby carrying jacket. The Peekaru is a cool gift idea for parents who live active lifestyles and want the ease of carrying around their baby while still being able to use their hands freely. View Details

Amazon Products
Jedi Dressing Gowns – Star Wars Bath Robes
Nobody likes a smelly Jedi, so keep clean and dry yourself off after a nice cleansing shower with these Jedi Bath Robes. These Jedi Bath Robes are officially licensed Star Wars Bath Robes and come in a one size fits all.. even Jabba himself could fit in this robe. View details

Amazon Products
Magnet Balls Original Edition – Magnetic Earth Magnet Puzzle in Collector’s Tin
These magnetic balls are a very cool toy for people of all ages. The array of designs you can come up with is pretty impressive using these magnetic toy balls. Even more fun is when you order multiple magnetic toy balls and create one giant magnetic ball of devastation! View Details

Amazon Products
Toilet Seat Lifter
This toilet seat pedal is a brilliant solution to end fights over leaving the toilet seat up and down. Just like a regular trash can pedal, you step on the pedal to lift up the toilet seat, and remove your foot when you are done and the toilet seat slowly drops back down. View Details


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