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30+ Amazing Amazon Products you can buy collection below:

Amazon Products
Gear Wall Art with Clock
This over sized gear clock is a stylish work of art – made of various sized gears that will easily be a conversation starter in any home. The gear clock is hand painted and is a great gift for anyone who loves steampunk themed items. View Details

Amazon Products
iPaperPad 3 Pad Pack – a paper pad not an iPad
Want to own an iPad but don’t have the cash to purchase one? Now you can be the proud owner of the original iPad – the notePad! This poor man’s iPad sports a minimalistic design with intuitive user controls and uses paper thin materials for extreme light weight mobility. View Details

Amazon Products
Runny Nose Soap Shower Gel Dispenser
This over sized novelty nose shower gel dispenser is awesomely bad. Load it up with green shower gel, shampoo, face-scrub, or soap and you’ll have a tough time feeling like you’re cleaning yourself while squeezing out goopy liquid from a big nose to wash yourself. View Details

Amazon Products
You’ll be sleeping with the fishes with this Shark Sleeping Bag. This sleeping bag also works well as a body pillow or as the most threatening weapon you can wield in a pillow fight, and makes a cool gift to compliment shark week. View Details

Amazon Products
Twelve South (12-1004) BookBook, Hardback Leather Case for 15″ MacBook Pro, Red
This is one laptop cover that will definitely set you apart from the rest. It looks like a century old leather book, but it holds your laptop nice and snug while making you look like some 18th century scholar, and most impressively it doesn’t overheat your laptop. View Details

Amazon Products
Big Mouth Toys Toilet Mug
The toilet bowl coffee mug is without a doubt the classiest coffee mug in existence, even with the seat left up. It’s an even finer item when you use the toilet bowl coffee mug as a bowl to eat out of, and makes a great gag gift for people who have awful drink preferences. View Details

Amazon Products
Classic Cassette Silicone Case Skin for Iphone 4 4th 4g
Turn your regular iPhone into a classic looking cassette tape with this cool iPhone case. The cassette tape case is flexible, sturdy, has openings for all the cable slots, and you can choose between a variety of colors for this cool novelty iPhone case. View Details

Amazon Products
Twelve South BookBook for iPhone 4/4S
The BookBook iPhone Leather Book Case is a stylish two in one iPhone cover and wallet that perfectly stores your phone, credit cards, ID, and small bills. Made from genuine leather, this iPhone case makes a cool gift for iPhone users who like organization. View Details

Amazon Products
BATMAN BEGINS – 3rd Third Brake Light Vinyl Decal Mask Kit #1077 | Vinyl Color: Black
You might not be driving around in the Batmobile, but with the Batman brake light cover you can still show off your love for all things Batman by easily covering your car’s brake light and displaying the bat signal to all the envious drivers behind you. View Details

Amazon Products
Nikon Lens 1:1 Af-s 24-70mm F/2.8 Thermos Mug Cup
This high quality and super detailed camera lens is actually a coffee mug you can drink out of! The camera lens coffee mug is a great gift for photography enthusiasts, and will surely turn many heads when people see you drinking out of it. View Details

Amazon Products
Hot Wheels Elite Cult Classics 118 Die Cast Vehicle Ghostbusters Ecto 1
No vehicle is more fit for the title of Hawttt Hot Wheels than the Ecto-1 Ghostbuster mobile. This extremely detailed 1:18 scale die-cast replica is a must have item for Ghostbusters fans, vintage Cadillac lovers, and unusual movie prop collectors. View Details

Amazon Products
Nubrella Hands Free Umbrella
Laugh in the face of mother nature with your own personal hands free umbrella dome that will shelter you from the rain while giving plenty of room to talk on the phone, keep your hair all fancy, and ensure you’ll get plenty of looks from jealous haters. View Details

Amazon Products
Celluon Magic Cube Laser Projection Keyboard and Touchpad
Have a keyboard with you any where you go with this virtual infrared keyboard. This virtual infrared keyboard is the size a cell phone but allows you have the functionality of a full size keyboard, with the added benefit of wireless Bluetooth technology. View Details

Amazon Products
Fred & Friends LOADED! Wallet
Carry around your petty cash in a wallet that looks like it’s a stack of 100 dollar bills! It’s a great way to fool people into thinking you’re pulling out a wad of cash when you’re more than likely broker than dirt. It’s also a cool wallet to own when you want to mugged. View Details

Amazon Products
Shark Attack Mug
Drink with caution – there is a deadly surprise waiting at the bottom of this drinking mug. As you slowly drink and the liquid levels drop, the deadly shark reveals itself, sure to scare the living hell out of someone drinking from it for the first time. View Details

Amazon Products
Ghostbusters Proton Pack Backpack
Suit up and arm your nuclear accelerator, because it’s ghostbuster time. This ghostbuster backpack is a cool way to carry around your stuff while looking like you’re armed with a proton pack. Makes a great kid for gifts and geeky people who love nostalgic stuff. View Details

Amazon Products
VuPoint IP-P10-VP Wireless Color Photo Printer
Print photos from your iPhone or iPad with ease with this printer designed specifically for the iPhone and iPad. It’s compact size means you can print anywhere at a high resolution with no computer needed – just plug in your iPad or iPhone and print! View Details

Amazon Products
Retro Elvis Style Computer Microphone (Silver)
Ditch the lame headset and talk to your friends like an old fashioned radio talk show host with this Retro USB Microphone for your PC. In addition to the retro style, this USB microphone also includes noise canceling and natural sound reproduction technology. View Details

Amazon Products
Superman Deluxe Dog Costume – Large
Your dog valiantly defends your home, but if given the chance he would jump at the opportunity to fight crime in the streets! Now you can dress your dog up like the super hero he wishes to be with these super hero dog costumes – available in many different styles. View Details

Amazon Products
The Spy Bolt Covert Hidden Contents Secret Container
Hide valuables in plain sight with this secret stash container made from a real hollowed out 3/4″ machine bolt. Great for storing and hiding small items or money in hard to find places, such as in the garage where bolts like this one would be blend in perfectly. View Details

Amazon Products
Jobar Plaid Dust Mop Slippers
Get some cleaning done around the house without lifting a finger with these dust mopping slippers. You can even up your cleaning efficiency by freeing your hands for other cleaning jobs while you effortlessly clean the floors just by walking around. View Details

Amazon Products
Lumisource LS-NESSIE FR O Energy Saving Table Desk Lamp
Look out there’s an oddly colored monster in your room! This flexible monster lamp is a great gift for any kid with a strong imagination and adds personality to any bedroom or reading area. These Flexible Monster Lamp are a cool gift idea to decorate a kids room. View Details

Amazon Products
True Fabrications Chain Bottle Rack
Confuse your brain while storing your wine bottles with this clever metal chain bottle rack. The metal chain appears to be loosely hanging, but it is actually locked into it’s bottle holding position, making for an interesting wine rack for any home and a cool house warming gift. View Details

Amazon Products
TaoTronics TT-HS01 Full-Motion Rotatable Floor standing Holder For iPad, iPad 2, Tablets
Watch porn movies or read books hands free on your iPad while you lie down on your bed with this hands free iPad stand. Able to be mounted anywhere, this 360 degree swiveling iPad stand has endless applications such as displaying recipes will you cook dinner. View Details

Amazon Products
Areaware Sterling Silver Forget Me Not Ring; size = 7
Show your undying love with bow knot rings available in all sizes and in both gold and sterling silver. This romantic gift is an thoughtful ring to give someone who you want to remind that you always love them, especially as a gift for valentines or an anniversary. View Details

Amazon Products
Niceeshop Retro Flip Down Clock – Internal Gear Operated
Watch time flip away with these modernized flip down clocks. Inspired by the retro clocks that had flip down hour and minute displays, these modern versions were designed with ‘outside the box’ thinking, ditching the container box and giving the clock an exposed form. View Details

Amazon Products
10 Sky Lanterns – White
Light up the sky with these easy and fun to use Chinese Flying Lanterns. Simply light the bottom of the lantern, let it fill it up with hot air, release it, and watch it fly away! These Flying Lanterns are sure to create a lasting memory whenever they are lit. View Details

Amazon Products
Jailbreak Collective Like and Dislike Stamps (Set)
In the not too distant future we will determine success by Likes and Dislikes. Got a “D-” on a math quiz? Now it’s just a “Dislike”. Received a promotion at your job? Now it’s simply a “Like” in your salary. Get with this new trend with this Facebook Like and Dislike Stamp. View Details

Amazon Products
Kurt S. Adler 10-Light Star Wars R2D2 Light Set
Have your room glowing with the force or even decorate your Christmas tree in geeky fashion with this set of mini R2-D2 lights. Included in this set are ten mini R2-D2 lights that will go perfectly with any Star Wars fan’s memorabilia collection. View Details

Amazon Products
Fred & Friends Tank Up
Throw your old coffee mug out the window, it’s now obsolete! The tank meter coffee mug is a heat sensitive coffee mug that will displays its “fuel” level depending on how full or empty the coffee mug is. This Tank Meter Coffee Mug makes a great Secret Santa gift at the office. View Details

Amazon Products
Nintendo – Controller Bi-fold Wallet
A tribute to the original Nintendo Entertainment System, this fully functional bi-fold wallet looks just like the NES Controller that for many us was the means by which we were to become addicted to gaming. View Details

Amazon Products
Echo1 USA Full Size Airsoft Mini-Gun
When you really want to go to war you need a serious weapon to get the job done. This Airsoft Mini Gun is the real deal weighing in at 33lbs, it is a 1:1 scale of a actual mini gun, and fires at a rate of 400 rounds per minute. View Details

Amazon Products
Serafin Wall Mount Liquid Fuel Fireplace
Enjoy a warm fire at home without needing a built in fireplace. These modern wall mounted fireplaces will add character to any home and require no logs to keep the fire going, instead they use a safe and clean burning liquid ethanol as a fuel source. View Details


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